Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strawberry pudding recipe

You will need:-
One pound of washed strawberries hulled [take off the green bit]
Sugar to taste about one or two tablespoons [if you use Demerara sugar it gives a pleasant caramel taste]
2 tablespoons of Bird’s Instant Custard
One pint of full cream milk which is 20 fluid ounces

One big bowl
One little bowl
Measuring spoon
Wooden spoon to stir
Cuisinart /Magimix to whiz the mixture smooth.
Serving bowl
Rubber spatula
Cling film

1.Mix the custard powder and sugar together in the small bowl and add some of milk, about a quarter cup or a few tablespoons.
2.Stir it until it looks like a paste.
3.Heat the rest of the milk in the microwave until it is hot, about two minutes.
4.Add the custard paste to the hot milk in the big bowl and stir.
5.Return to the microwave and heat for two more minutes.
6.Take out and stir.
7.Put it back into the microwave and heat for one minute.
8.Take out and stir. Now it should be getting thicker and less liquidy. Repeat until it is really thick.
9.Scrape into the magimix and add the strawberries.
10.Whizz until there are no lumps but only teeny tiny specks of strawberry.
11.If the tiny specks are still too hideous you can sieve the mixture to remove the bits. [and any accidental lumps]
12.Pour the mixture into the serving bowl and cover with wetted cling film which will stop the pudding from forming a disgusting skin.
13.Place in the refrigerator to chill for an hour.

[Note = you can make the custard in the traditional saucepan method if you have graduated to open flames or electric ring burners]

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Maddy said...

Yes I agree. It needed more sugar and it was a bit gloopy. There again, liquid pudding saves time as you can just drink it. Well done you.