Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crock-pot cheapy - Cheesy, Bacon, Rice

This serves 8 people. Turn on the slow cooker or crock pot onto the ‘high’ setting for 2 hours.

4 cups of cooked rice [left overs are fine]
4 large onions rough chopped, fried in olive oil with a tablespoonful of chopped garlic, one tablespoonful of Herbes de Provence, ground mixed peppercorns, cooked until caramelized [about 12 minutes]
8 eggs beaten with one cup of full cream milk
6 ounces of grated sharp Cheddar
10 ounce block of frozen, chopped spinach thawed with the water squeezed out
8 ounces of bacon, cooked, drained of fat and chopped finely

Mix all the ingredients together and stir thoroughly in the slow cooker or crock pot. Wait patiently for ages or go and do something more interesting instead while I do the washing up.

Most people prefer the top browned under the grill / broiler. If one or two people do not like a ‘burnt’ top then you can place a piece of greased foil [aluminium] or a metallic butter paper [butter side down] over the part that you wish to remain perfect.