Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Salad for Vegetable haters

Half a pound of Orzo [pasta that looks like rice]
2 tablespoons of ready made green Pesto
Handful of fresh basil leaves [washed in water and dried with a tea towel]
One head of innocuous salad leaves finely shredded [cut into very thin strips]

The chef’s job is to stir stuff. The chef’s helper does the chopping and hot stuff.

Boil the orzo in water for about 10 minutes until soft [ask an adult to open the box for you so you can pour the pasta into the pan]
Drain the orzo in a sieve [ask for adult help] and tip the pasta back into the warm saucepan. Stir in the pesto sauce until all the cream coloured pasta has turned green.

Stir in the basil leaves.
Stir in the chopped lettuce.
Keep stirring until all the green leaves turn floppy in the heat.
Leave to cool to room temperature and eat with barbequed food.

Score = minus infinity but the basil leaves aren't too bad.

1 comment:

Maddy said...

You're right. Sneaky surprise not rice salad is a much better name.