Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Granny's Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Not Necessarily in date order:-

16 ounces of chocolate
1 packet of tea biscuits
8 ounces [two sticks] of salted butter.

1.Line an old ice cube tray with saran wrap [cling film]
2.Clear a space big enough in the fridge for the tray to fit.

3.Melt the butter
4.Melt the chocolate
5.Mix together
6.Pour the liquid into the bottom of the tray and swish around until you have a thin layer of coverage. the biscuits in a line on the chocolate.
8.Add another thin layer of chocolate liquid
9.Add another layer of biscuits.
10.Repeat 8 and 9 until you run out of chocolate or biscuits
11. put the tray in the fridge to chill
12. wash up
13.put all the food away
14.tidy up
15. after 12,13 and 14 the biscuit cake will be ready to eat.


Maddy said...

Well done petal! That was DELICIOUS! What would you like to make next? I really fancy a broccoli sandwich! How about you?

Anonymous said...

YUM! You're a good cook, Leo!
Please cook the apple pie again. Actually I adore eating all your deserts. Would you like to cook Ratatoiulle with me? I have an idea for an ugly underwater salad of lettuce seaweed with pukey goldfish crackers fish on it. What do you think? Love, Tamsin.

Anonymous said...

King of Chefs

farmwifetwo said...

I think chocolate is much better than broccoli. Looks wonderful. We'll have to try it.

Barbara said...

That looks delicious! (More than the banner food, sorry.)

Nicole said...

Ooh, yum...I'm looking forward to more!

Almost American said...

Anything with 16 ounces of chocolate and 8 ounces of butter MUST be good. Can I buy tea biscuits in the United States? Would graham crackers be an acceptable substitute do you think? (Have you tried them? I think they are yummy - but they do need something like chocolate on them otherwise they are rather boring!

DD said...

The cake looks delicious! I asked my mom if we can make it.